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Tinplate material has extremely high hardness, good rigidity, and good ductility, in the case of high hardness, it can still maintain good plastic deformation ability, and it is not easy to break and deformation during bending, stretching, compression and other processing. One of the greatest advantages of tinplate is its corrosion resistance. Tinplate contains copper, manganese and other components, so that it is not susceptible to corrosion in the oxidizing environment or corrosive medium and the quality changes. To sum up, tinplate has a wide and far-reaching application prospect in industrial manufacturing because of its excellent performance characteristics such as high hardness, high ductility and corrosion resistance.

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Professional Packaging Container Manufacturer.

Suzhou Jinqiao Packaging Container Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. It has been specialized in mass production of tinplate containers such as chemical cans and food cans for 19 years. At the same time, it has a complete industrial chain from raw material tinplate, unpacking, printing to production of tin cans.

Jinqiao has a large number of modern production equipment, with an annual production capacity of 50 million pieces.The company has obtained the designated certificate of hazardous chemical packaging container issued by the state and the certificate of national high-tech enterprise.


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Industry Knowledge Extension

The Application of Tinplate Steel Coil
    Food and Beverage Packaging: Tinplate steel coil is widely used in the production of cans and containers for packaging various food and beverage products. Canned fruits, vegetables, soups, sauces, juices, and beverages like soft drinks, energy drinks, and beer are often packaged in tinplate cans. The tin coating provides a barrier that protects the contents from corrosion, light, oxygen, and moisture, helping to maintain the quality and freshness of the products.
    Aerosol Containers: Tinplate steel coil is used to manufacture aerosol containers for products like household cleaners, personal care products (such as deodorants and hairsprays), automotive products, and more. The strength and corrosion resistance of tinplate make it suitable for holding pressurized contents and withstanding the pressure exerted by the propellant gases.
    Cosmetics and Toiletries: Tinplate steel coil is used to create packaging for cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, and toiletries. Metal packaging can enhance the aesthetic appeal of these products while providing protection against contamination and degradation.
    Chemicals and Paints: Tinplate steel coil is used in the packaging of chemicals, paints, varnishes, and coatings. The tin coating acts as a barrier against the reactive properties of certain chemicals, preventing the contents from interacting with the metal and vice versa.
    Industrial Products: Tinplate steel coil is utilized for packaging industrial products such as lubricants, adhesives, sealants, and other fluids. The corrosion resistance of the tin coating helps maintain the integrity of the contents.
    Gifts and Promotional Items: Tinplate steel coil is sometimes used to create decorative and collectible tins for gift items, promotional products, and souvenirs. These tins often feature elaborate designs and branding, and they can be reused for storage.
    Pharmaceuticals: While less common than plastic or glass containers, tinplate steel coil can also be used for packaging certain pharmaceutical products that require specific barrier properties, chemical resistance, or tamper-evident features.
    Arts and Crafts: Tinplate sheets cut from coils can be used for artistic and craft purposes, such as creating decorative panels, ornaments, and DIY projects.
    Electronics: Tinplate steel coil can be used for shielding in electronic components or as protective casings for certain electronic devices.
    Automotive: While not as prevalent as other materials like aluminum, Cold Rolled Steel Coil can be used in certain automotive applications, such as packaging for automotive fluids and lubricants.